Poser Check- USMC Scout Snipers needed


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Found this on another Forum, but I believe the necessity for facts outweighs any past history (not BlackFive).

If you have any real data on this man, please contact the people in the message:

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Poseur Check- USMC Scout Snipers needed
Posted By Uncle Jimbo

I have huge amounts of respect for USMC Scout Snipers and would consider asking for one if I really, really wanted to ventilate someone's cranium. A whole bunch of folks, including me, got bit by a sorry MF posing as a Scout Sniper named Gary Lakis with a company called SSI. Lakis was introduced to me by an active duty USMC SGM who I knew for a fact was once Chief Instructor at the S/S course. He had a photo with the Commandant of the Corps at the Marine Corps Ball wearing a chestful of shite he hadn't earned so it's not unheard of for someone to pose well. If these gentlemen are legit then my apologies, but the background described here is more Movie than Marine.(html: http://www.pownetwork.org/phonies/phonies365.htm )

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Tactical Knives, from May of 1999. It has an article entitled, "Hard-Core Strider! As Tough As They Come!" The article was written by W. W. Wright. In it, Wright stated that Duane Dwyer was a graduate of the USMC Scout/Sniper School, the USMC Urban Sniper Course, and the USMC Sniper Instructor School, as well as having cross-trained with Naval Special Warfare Personnel (SEALs), the British Royal Marines, British SAS, Israeli Defense Forces, South Korean ROK Marines, the Danish Military Police, the French Foreign Legion, and the South African Defense Forces. In addition, Wright stated that Dwyer worked in collaboration with Federal Law Enforcement on drug interdiction operations. Wright also stated that Dwyer served as an Observer/Advisor in the former Yugoslavian Republic, and in Central and South America.

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A check with the Scout Sniper Association comes up blank for this guy's name or his alias of Thomas Duane Poland. Not trying to hang an innocent man, so any info anyone has will be put out, pro or con. My take on the CV noted in that article had me throwing BS flags. The Recon Marines do occasionally train with foreign units and attend foreign schools, but this guy has been to every school and worked with every cool foreign unit there is. This bio would be marginally more believable for an Army SF guy given the huge amount of work done on conjunction with allied militaries, for a Marine it is epic. Add to that that he was suposed to have done all this during the 80's when the only war was cold,and the op tempo is huge and I doubt it in a big way. That said I have absolutely no knowledge of any of this other than what I have read on the internets, so as I said anyone who has info either way let us know.
This is being looked into by a few other groups including the POW Network and the Marine Corps Scout Sniper Association. In fact I was in contact with some of them yesterday about this.
Wow I wont ever get that 15 min of my life back...

So what's the truth? I don't like the Strider knives, only b/c I prefer a folder by SOG. But I would like to know if those guys are a bunch of fakes???
It seems Strider has had enough trouble these last couple of years since he was outright called on his own military record. I won't get into it, but Mick Strider has alway's been a total gentleman to me and his knives are top of the shelf gear, rather you like them or not. I don't care for Harsey's folders, but his fixed blades with Chris Reeve are also top the shelf.

It seems these day's with so many "Tactical Type" firearms and self defense courses being offered you can only compete if your resume reads like a Tom Clancey novel. Navy SEAL, Scout Sniper, Army SF and Ranger, member of CT team during Operation Acid Gambit, contracted by and worked for the CIA, trained with foreign military spec ops units, dive intsructor, freefall, combat vet, combat medical specialist........................blah, blah, blah.

Point being, an awful lot of tactical type schools seem to be padding their resumes to compete with the real deal soldiers of the SOF community. Personally If I see nothing but "SWAT" on their resume, then I'm fairly certain that they've not seen a two way shooting range to actually know how to train me to ajust my autonomic nervous system for battle. I'll stick with Larry Vickers, Paul Howe, Jeff Gonzales and maybe Black Water.
Paul Howe married Connie Beckwith, Charlie Beckwiths daughter.

Can anyone imagine having a father in law like Charlie Beckwith ??? RIP Mr. Beckwith.

Memorable quotes from Charlie Beckwith:

"We ain't makin Cornflakes here"

"I'd rather go down the river with 7 studs than 100 shit heads"