Poser possibility. Help?


Oct 13, 2010
Heart of Montana!
Hello all. First of all Thank You each and every one who keep my sons safe.
Here is my conundrum.
I have to deal with a jerk at work who is one of those 'no matter the subject he has been there and done that better' guys. Normally I can ignore his bullshit but I am soooo sick of his boasting about his "2nd Special Forces Group" exploits. He and I both know how full of shit he is and I have called him out a few times. When I mentioned my son was a Regmintal Ranger he stopped claiming Ranger exploits and switched to SF. When I called bullshit again he switched to 160th SOAR stories. My bullshit detector is pegged out but I admit that I do not have enough knowledge of The NightStalkers to finally punch this douche in the face and be done with it. He stopped trying to impress me long ago but it is very hard to mind my own business when he loudly boasts of his adventures within earshot. I do know that he has never served Active Duty (as per his own mother,whom also works with us). He may have served as a DSG in Montana Army National Guard. His newest claim is :
u.s. Army crewchief 160th ( night stalker 68 ), (copied/pasted from his facebook.) Link: http://www.facebook.com/jtripi1
To my knowledge the MTANG has NO affiliation with SF/SOAR.My mate is MTANG (Air) and has no knowledge of the supposed affiliation. If I am mistaken I will accept that. However, if I am correct in my suspicions I would like to definitvely tell this 40 year old that still lives in his mom's basement to STFU. Any advice/guidance from you all would be appreciated. Also he makes the claim that he was the first U.S. Military personnel in Kyrgyztan (sp?) in 2005. Thoughts? Thanks for your time.
You've caught him in two lies and now you need to check on his 160th nonsense? And Kyrgystan in 2005? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! He isn't even close on the year.
You've caught him in two lies and now you need to check on his 160th nonsense? And Kyrgystan in 2005? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! He isn't even close on the year.
Freefalling, Thanks for the reply. I do know he is more full of shit than a Disneyland port-a-potty. But whereas I am comfortable in calling BS on subjects I am well taught, I am not so comfortable in areas that I am not so well versed in. Such as I won't say" STFU there is no such thing as a Unicorn Brigade of Magnificence at the Battle of th Bulge" if I cannot back it up with facts at the time I pull the pin. Oh and the misspelling of Kyrgystan was a combo of alcohol and copy from douchebags FB page. My apologies. When I did the research I came up with the first U.S. troops there was 2002 and was a flight of F-18s from the Marines and support troops, followed shortly thereafter by USAF and so on. PLEASE give me the ok to throat punch this shitbird? Might help with my anger management stuff as well. Or better yet feel free to dirty up his FB with the "Hand O' Truth".
Ma'am, do whatever you think you need to do, but the reality is that the guy lied about SF, clammed up when you mentioned your son is a Ranger, and so somehow he'd score with the truth on his 160th claims? Those are utter crap so he shifts to a deployment date which is about 4 years too late to show how high speed he is? You don't need us, Google could have sorted out two of his claims in less than 5 seconds each.
About Jeremy: "u.s. Army crewchief 160th ( night stalker 68 ), vol. Fire department, semi-drag racer, Some lawenforcement"

Ask him if he knows William Hillar. :rolleyes:
And wtf is a semi drag racer? He likes to crossdress and drive fast? :confused:
My diagnosis "dork". NEXT!:p
Tell him if he doesn't STFU you'll call the FBI and report him r.e. the Stolen Valor act.
If you know a cop maybe talk to them and see if they can have a quick chat with douchebag.

You can rest assured he is lying about his Military claims, don't stress over it.
Seems like you are giving this douche way too much of your life. .02c
He said he was in 2nd Group? I thought the only place that existed was in my imaginary case studies.

160th 68? What does the 68 mean, he was in the unit in 1968? If so, you busted him right there. 160th wasn't created until after Desert One.

Kyrgyzstan in 2005 and he was the first one there? LOL, I flew through there before that, and the base had been set up loooong before I got there.
Ranger Mom go to the store and purchase an invitation card. Fill it out to indicate Special Forces summer bash. Purpose to build a network to out posers. All special forces members are encouraged to attend. Our motto to seek out all posers!
Drop it off on his desk.
Thank your Son for what he does.
Kirgsy... Kyrsig....Kirxzy.. oh wait.. Fuckistan... he was in Fuckistan? To do what? Here a pic of typical Fuckistan family...

I checked AKO and there's no one with that name listed. That doesn't mean he's not legit, it just makes it less likely.

Invite him to come over here, if he's claiming to be a Night Stalker and isn't, the other 160th vets and I will get him sorted out quickly.
Hmmm...Dull Spork is one of my favorite weapons. I carry a concealed one often!
BTW I shamed the D-bag today (again). Someone was talking about her mom being in the hospital and he felt the need to describe how awful it was when he had BOTH kidneys removed back in '04. So naturally I chimed in with how the hell did you have both kidneys removed and still be the first into Kyrg to set up a base for Night Stalkers in '05?? His reply ... "Oh er did I say '04?? I meant '06." And blade twister that I am, I innocently asked "But wasn't '06 when you were in Ranger School?" He says.." I had my kidneys taken out right after that because during RS I was soooo dehydrated that they shut down and had to have emergency surgery." I says- "So is dyalysis pretty rough?" He says " No, as long as I take my pills on time I don't have any problems." Me - "Pills??" Him - " Yeah, the dyalysis pills!" (with a 'Fuck Off' look) Now it is just a game for me to frustrate the shit out of him with witnesses. I have decide to not let the basement dweller annoy me anymore, instead I use him as a source of demented amusement! WIN!
He said he was in 2nd Group? I thought the only place that existed was in my imaginary case studies.

2nd SFG was formed 15 April 1960 in the Regular Army, withdrawn 14 December 1960 from the Regular Army and allotted to the Army Reserve, activated 15 March 1961 with Headquarters at Columbus, Ohio, and inactivated 31 January 1966 at Columbus, Ohio.

If that guy was in the 2nd SFG and is still living with his Mom, he's gottta be a lot older than 40 and she's gotta be way up there in years.