Psyop Regimental Week (June 2-6, 2008)

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Persuade, change and influence are action words for psychological operations Soldiers worldwide who are invited to assemble here for an annual PSYOP Regimental Week celebration June 2-6.
Hosted by 4th Psychological Operations Group, active duty, Army reserve and psyop veterans along with family members are invited to the 2nd Annual PSYOP Regimental Week. The week kicks off June 2 with each of the six psyop battalions hosting open houses and 3rd POB’s Media Operations Complex tours. Psyop Soldiers who died in support of the nation will be remembered in a memorial ceremony.
Highlights of the five-day event include academic discussions and presentations, sporting and endurance activities, technology and equipment demonstrations, and family-oriented social events. Past, present, and future psyop Soldiers have the opportunity to come together in one place to address real world issues concerning psychological operations.
This year, a public web page will virtually host the 2nd Annual PSYOP Regimental Week with weekly posting beginning May 12. Articles, photographs, historical summaries and video will be available at