PTG stands for Physical Training Guide

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Oct 21, 2020
Im a civilian in every possible definition of the word. Hell, if you look up civilian in the dictionary you will probably see my picture.

So, what am I doing here?

Apart from my fascination with special forces particularly SEAL/s. I am a huge fan of the Andy Stumpf podcast named cleared hot. I recommend it to the young guys looking to go BUD/s, you will an idea for what your in for goodluck.

I didn't know what a SEAL operator was until David Goggins went on the Rogan podcast. I wasn't instantly motivated to do better in my life, it was a gradual almost unconscious change that didn't start for months later. It wasn't until I found the PTG Physical Training Guide on the sealswcc website when things really changed for me. I can't describe how much I enjoy the training, I am maybe a little over enthusiastic. I've been training for nearly three months just to start it for a second time.

I want to share my knowledge of the PTG to SEAL candidates. In my personal opinion the actual training is great but the execution is poor. NSWC need to revise the guide and include the 26 weeks in a clear and concise format.

Mod Edit All you will need to do is put a gym program together (PTG has some exercises you can use), everything else is taken care of.

I also about to start following the Physical Training Guide myself and I will be documenting my progress here;

Mod Edit

I would appreciate if you could check it out and leave me some feedback on completing the training.

I have a lot more to say but I'll cut it short because I'm rambling on already. I just want to finish by thanking everyone for their service whether its on the battlefield or in a non combat role. God bless
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Im a civilian
Then please do not come to the forum and make your first post about offering advice to future military.

You’re post reads like an informational and that you are looking to solicit funds from members here.

Do not offer any additional fitness/training advice.

To add - I’ve also deleted your website from your profile page. You need staff permission for that.
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You should really add approval for websites on profiles to your terms and conditions because it currently says you can only add websites to your profile.
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