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Jan 25, 2011
Just wanted to say hello, inasmuch as it's a requirement anyhow. I'm a civilian, living here in Oregon. I'm not here for any "legitimate" reason (not writing a book or anything), I've just been lurking for forever, and finally screwed up the courage to join.

I will say that my grandfather, father, and brother have all served, very proud of them. And thanks to all who have done so too!

TIA for the welcomes. :)

OK, back to probably lurking and occasionally contributing the humorous gif.
Thank God you arent writing a book! HAR!
Welcome to SS!

-One of the many haters of book writers, as is evidenced in Chopstick's sig line.
Welcome I think.

Book writers aren't ALL bad. We even have a pretty cool one or two on the board. ;)

Wait, are we talking fiction or non-fiction books? I've read a few fiction books that have dealt with special forces characters or whatever. Of course, most of them are laughable. There's a few that I enjoy. I like Vince Flynn's series. There's also an author named Mike Murray who has some books that deal with a SEAL team, and then another team that's a mix of guys (I'm just about finished with "Quick Strike" now, if anyone's familiar). Anyhow... they're pretty fun.

As far as non-fiction, hmm... I read Black Hawk Down about a month ago and really really liked it. Other than that, I could use some suggestions for good books I can check out, if anyone has any they liked.
Thanks for the book suggestions. I probably should have already read Lone Survivor and Band of Brothers, since those are pretty well-known. Will have to fix that ASAP.

<<Where in OR... good hunting/shooting area?>> Well, there's not a lot of Oregon that's not good hunting, at least. From what I understand. I've never been. (I've been invited once or twice, but I declined. I know for a fact the only hunting these particular guys do is for the next beer can, and I didn't want to put a damper on their fun by asking such girly questions like "Shouldn't you shoot at that elk right there?")

I live just far enough from Portland to not be considered a suburb, right on the Columbia. Good fishing. But yeah, very liberal, very much the stereotype of Oregon liberals.

LOL @ 'Bob'. I'll sign the petition. Then we could have the Bob Ducks.
Depoe Bay is nice. Well, the whole coast is, can't go wrong. My current icon is a photo I took at Ft. Stevens (Astoria).

This summer, we're going to take a boat out of Depoe Bay to do some deep-sea fishing. I can't wait, never been.