Random Interesting Bits of History

I know a little bit about Chome Dome and that there were some accidents/crashes, but hadn't ever heard about this accident in NM or the one near Savannah.

Some of those Chome Dome accidents were pretty dicey too. I think the Yuba City one had like 3 of 4 triggers armed or something if I remember the story correctly. Better to be lucky than good, I guess.

In the Goldsboro, NC incident, 4/5 safeties failed. They never found the second bomb.
Another "close call" story 😉:

How One Black Bear Almost Set Off World War III During the Cold War

On Oct. 25, 1962, the U.S. was in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Most of the U.S. military was at DEFCON 3 and SAC bases were at DEFCON 2, one step below nuclear war. Things were very tense.

U.S. officers were trained that, preceding a nuclear first-strike, Soviet special forces, “spetznaz”, would carry out sabotage operations against U.S. command facilities.

Around midnight on that day, a guard at a Duluth air base in Minnesota saw a portly figure climbing the security fence.

Assuming this was a Soviet saboteur moving on Air Force assets, the guard shot at the figure and activated an "intruder alarm" which sent an alert to all bases in the area.

However, at Volk Field in Wisconsin, the alarm was incorrectly wired. Instead, the Klaxon sounded, which signaled nuclear war, and two squadrons of nuclear-armed F-106A interceptors were ordered to take off.

By the time the error was realized, the aircraft were already headed for the runway.

The base commander sent a truck racing to the flight line. It pulled directly in front of the jets and, fortunately, was able to successfully signal all aircraft to stop, preventing a potential nuclear war.

Turns out the intruder in Duluth was just a black bear.