Rapid advancement for SOF??

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Dec 13, 2008
Atlanta, Ga
I know Special Forces in the army has rapid advancement where you automatically become an E-5.

Does the Air Force do anything like that? I know since I'll be a 6 year, I'll become an E-3 quicker, but what about the Spec. Ops guys?

Just curious, maybe that was a dumb question but I've researched and haven't found much so I figured maybe not. Ya'll have been the most helpful online so I figured I'd ask here.

thanks ya'll:)
You do not 'automatically' get anything - if all training is completed with good scores, to include essentially all leadership schools to BNOC, on top of all the requirements for the SFQC, you go to the board with a waiver, and must still pass the board in order to be promoted. This process takes from 12-18 months at a minimum... and you have had to be selected for SF in the first place. You need to bust your ass.

I had an SF contract in the 80's I went in ans an E-3, made E-4 quickly, and was actually a corporal - there was no TO&E for E-4s in SF, so I ended up being an E-4(p) for a couple of years, got my E-5 and went promotable to E-6 with a waiver in under 5 months.

Oh, I was holding E-6, and E-7 positions as an E-4. My Co CO made me the acting Co XO for a while... on top of Team assignments.

I held 2 SF MOSs at the time, had I been an E-5 on joining a team, I would have kept up in rank with all my buddies from Infantry School that stayed in the service.

I think it is only right to allow the guys to get to their Team as an E-5, so they can keep with their peer class.

Young man - do your research and don't spout off. It's not about the rank it's about the job - and proficiency -and honor.

If all you care about is rank and badges - joint the friggin Boy Scouts or an Airsoft team. SF/PJ/SEAL/MARSOC is about things you do not understand, and may never understand.

Rant over - go do PT.
Reaper, PM me and I'll reopen the thread for you to respond if you'd like.

Otherwise, I think this topic was answered. Anger-inspired correspondence may be directed to yours truly.
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