Russian Civil War


Oct 16, 2007
I was wondering about the Allied forces involvement in the Russian Civil War.They(US,Britain etc) were assisting the ''Whites'' and moving in to surround and assist in taking down the ''Reds'',if I can remember the info right!

So what I was wondering was; a)How many troops did the Allies commit to the operation? b)Did they suffer any casualties?

I understand they pulled out when the 'Great War' ended,but just wanted to know the extent of their involvement in the Russian Civil War..
I found a couple other sources, seems like a fairly interesting part of history that's not well known. The first one is a link, there is a lot of info on the US intervention. I'd be interested to find out how many Canadians were involved and what Units.

No less than eleven countries attacked Russia during the Civil War. On the whole these countries did not coordinate their activities and followed localised objectives. The Czechoslovak legion of ex prisoners of war started the Civil War in Siberia with their Railway War. Instead of allowing themselves to be disarmed the legion conquered a large stretch of territory along the Trans-Siberian railway, an area that became the basis of Kolchak's government in the East. The Czechs lost interest after World War One and minimised their role in the fighting. Britain and France invaded both Murmansk and Archangel and set up a weak White government in the North. Japan and to a lesser extent the United States and Canada invaded Russia in the Pacific. The Japanese also set up a White government under Grigorii Semenov and occupied Vladivostok until October 1922. While the allies did intervene in the Civil War they did so for their own interests and to nurture the White opposition.