Said Name Marine's Introduction


Apr 4, 2012
Camp Lejeune, NC
My name is Jon, I'm a Sgt in the Marine Corps. 4 years of service in my great Corps. 1 year tour to Afghanistan (longest year of my life). I'm a Landing Support Specialist ("Red Patcher") going MARSOC candidate. I've gotten my Pre-Assignment letter checking in Jan 2013. Gives me a lot of much needed prep time. I had it going good for the longest time until I tore a calf muscle that put me out of the game and off my feet for a month. --On that note, if anyone else working up for A&S reads this; NEVER ever sacrifice stretching for you workouts! It is absolutely vital and I learned it the hard way! -Resuming- I have the set schedule for my PT and try to include any extra where I can fit it. I'm currently doing a TAD with base PMO making it hell on my prep but I ruck on. I should be resuming my normal duties in July with CLR-27 aboard Camp Lejeune, NC. My intial reason for joining the Marine Corps was to be a Recon Marine. In 2008 they needed to fill the quota for logistics and I bought into the bullshit I was fed. So now I intend to live out my dreams to be a warrior with the best of the best (of the best) as a CSO in MARSOC.