SCUBA divers. : Equipment.

PADI's more cautious, being a "tourist" type table. I've always liked using the Navy tables. They give you more leeway..........

I've got advanced cert with PADI, YMCA, and SSI. I prefer the Navy tables.
I have in the past used the Navy tables; however, I have come to the conclusion that they were designed for in-shape young Navy divers. So, I use the PADI or Civilian tables.

I do however; use my two dive computers on dives, especially on dive trips where I'm diving three times a day or more.


Ranger BCD
Dry suit (DUI)
1.8th wetsuit (Tropical climates)
Regulator: Atomic M-1 w/ M-2 Octo
Steel tank

Computer #1: Oceanic Pro Plus 2, Air/Nitrox, Air Integrated Computer

Computer #2: Suunto Mosquito (Air/Nitrox)

I'm a PADI Certified Master Diver, as well as a military qualified SCUBA. Closed Circuit diver (Navy- Key West 1962)

I had a long career as a rescue/Recovery Diver with the King County Sheriff's Department, Seattle, WA 1957 to 1974.
I use NAUI. I also count bottom time as from splash to surface.

My Current instructor gave us a table that had Max bottom time and Group designators for a zero RNT diver at depths' from 20-130' that had 10 different agency's tables on it.. it's pretty interesting. The Navy's tables were the second most liberal right behind NASE's 1990 tables. I'll try to scan it and post it in somewhere on the group page tonight.
Trip Wire, do you use the weight integrated pockets on your BCD, or do you still use a weight belt?
I use the weight pockets for warm water diving and I have a harness with weight pockets when I use a dry suit I also have ankle weights for the dry suit diving as well. I like the Zeagle Ranger! I added a crotch strap to it.

I have a number sets of fins to include some old 'duck feet.' My favorite ones are my apollo bio-split fins with spring straps.
I love Zeagle. I've got the Tech and it's my favorite BC I've ever used. I only use 4 lbs with a 5 mil wetsuit and full gear, and I like to keep that in the trim pockets so I don't lie face down on the surface. So I haven't justified spending all that money on a weight system I would only use for dry suit diving.