SEAL Medallion?


May 19, 2011
I was in a subway yesterday when I noticed a medallion on the ground under my chair.. When I picked it up I noticed it says on the top of one side Seal Team and on the bottom it says U.S. Navy. In the middle of this side is this
. Then on the other side on the top says U.S. Navy and on the bottom says Sea Air Land. Around the edge of this side is 6 little versions of the picture above going around the circle. Lastly in the middle of this side is a helicopter, a man parachuting, a man lying prone with weapon ready, a man crouching with weapon ready, and a group of seals in a zodiac boat. I was wondering if this is real, do they give you this for passing BUD/s? If so I feel really bad for the SEAL who lost this
It will probably have a serial # on it so it can be traced back to the owner.. hand it over to a military installation or local Police station.
Prob a unit coin, might even be one mass-produced to sell commercially. Post a picture of it and maybe one of the resident SEALs can tell you more about it.
Finders, keepers on this one, I wouldn't worry about trying to find an owner. Someone was probably just using it to pose anyway ;)
That's just a load of shit. What happens if you're in downtown Moscow one day and you see a guy from your unit? You've got to coin check the mofo! Especially in a particularly "wet" country like Russia. No way is he getting away without buying the vodka.