Seeking Highly Experienced SI Analyst: Columbus, GA


SOF Support
Oct 24, 2010
221B Baker St
Security Threat Protection And Data Analytics - Illuminate


Expert-Level SIGINT Analyst (SI) shall possess the following qualifications:
  • Minimum of eight (8) years analytical experience within DoD or equivalent Government agencies required, with five (5) years at the operational level.
  • Shall be proficient in utilizing basic computer applications and established SIGINT related databases to support analytical efforts and product development.
  • Shall possess strong briefing skills.
  • Shall have a high level of proficiency with National Security Agency (NSA) and other SIGINT analytical databases covering both Dial Network Recognition (DNR) and Digital Network Intelligence (DNI) related technologies.
  • Strong background and firsthand experience is required in SIGINT analysis, SIGINT systems, tools and databases, reporting and collection management.
  • Acute knowledge of SOF and or CT/counter proliferation intelligence experience is highly desirable.
  • Current NSAnet access.
  • Current Top Secret clearance and SCI eligible.

I’m not the selection or hiring official but just an old pain in the ass that you’ll have to deal with…and may learn some stuff along the way.
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