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Gregg A

May 3, 2011
I have a question about joining SF, I received an honorable discharge from the Air Force with a 2 charlie re-entry code and was wondering if an operator on this forum or someone that has gone through the same situation could message me and discuss my options as far as re enlisting in the military? Thank you very much!! Gregg
Thank you for the reply!!I talked to a recruiter in my area and told him my code and what discharge and he wouldn't answer and just told me to come in which I didn't know if that was just a way to get me in the office? But thank you, i will go into their office with my 214.
RE-2C- Involuntary separation with Honorable discharge

It will probably depend on the circumstances for your separation and what waiver it would require, along with your ability to attain secret clearance and being able to meet the prerequisites for SF.

"Must Not" Requirements

-Barred to Reenlistment

-Under suspension of favorable personnel action

-Convicted by court-martial or have disciplinary action noted in their official military personnel fiche under the provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (Article 15). This provision can only be waived by the Commanding General, United States Army Special Warfare Center and School on a case by case basis

-Terminated from Special Forces, Ranger, or Airborne Duty, unless termination was due to extreme family problems

-30 days or more lost time under USC 972 within current or preceding enlistment.

But yeah talk to the recruiter…and best of luck!
Thank you very much!! the reason for my discharge according to my 214 was unsatisfactory performance. I went out of my mileage range during TACP training and they requested my elimination from the course. It says unsat. performance but it wasn't physically just disciplinary which is a big deal I know but everybody makes mistakes and Im wondering if the Army will understand my wrongdoings and still accpet me! Thank you for the replies guys!!
You may be able to get in. RE-Codes of 3 and 4 are no-go's, but a 2 is a maybe. Your local recruiter will have to look into it for you. Lucky that you want an SF contract, as that is the only contract prior service can get right now.
Even though I didnt complete my tech school and fufill my contract but did over 180 days Iam still considered prior service? Therefore if upon entry into the Army I would be eligible for an SF contract?
So you failed to follow simple instructions? Fair enough, you may get the contract, but prolly won't get through training. Just the gods honest truth brosephus.
yes sir, and it was a mistake that I never make! Its not the type of person I'am to not follow the rules set forth especially in a military sense! I have grown since then and have learned from my mistakes and would like to redeem myself from a mistake I made a while ago!I believe I could pass the course if given the opportunity as for I have come to realize that was the biggest mistake I made in disobeying direct orders and would never make that mistake again!! Thank you for the reply I appreciate it
I'll be blunt...
You self selected yourself out of the TACP pipeline. Your violation was one you selfishly made because you figured you wouldn't get caught. The fact that you use the phrase "everybody makes mistakes" shows me your level of maturity. I'm not impressed, nor do I think you deserve a second chance at a career in SOF anytime soon.

SBG sends.
Yes sir, you are absolutely correct in knowing what the consequences were at the time i bluntly decided to be selfish and go out of range and there by pretty much self eliminate myself out of the course! During this time I was very immature about the situation and did make the selfish choice there by received an elimination but since the year and some odd months since the situation and since the 11 months I have been a civilian I have grown and matured from the situation and turned around 180 from my mental approach that I was once used to have!! I really appreciate the feedbacks and thank you very much for being blunt. I do deserve it by far. Thank you again
Greg, some friendly advice: Drop the term "operator" from your vocabulary.
Who really cares if he uses the term operator ? Seriously. I swear, sometimes this place is more legalistic than the military itself.

If you don't like the way we run the site, you can run for moderator when elections are held in October, or you can quit coming here. Either way, when a moderator makes a correction of a site member, especially if that member is not you, then it would be best for you to not involve yourself. If you have a problem with a moderator, take it up with him or her via private message.

Now, as to your question about the term "operator," why don't you post the doctrinal definition of the term out of the appropriate joint publication and we can discuss it. Or you can take a step back and let this issue drop, never to be repeated.
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