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Hey all. Found this video online since I'm trying to enlighten myself on SF. I've heard of the Commander's In-extremis Force before, but don't know much about them. The course looks like them pretty much blowing shit up, which I like, so that's why I want to know more about it. Any feedback would be appreciated (such as what you need to do to prepare, etc, for the course). Also, are first rotation soldiers accepted to this type of unit. If not, how much time and experience do you need with a group before trying for the unit. Thanks.


You need to focus on the 25m target - there is a thread here about that very topic, read it if you havent. You have quite a few other bridges to cross before you need to concern yourself with such...

And, this topic will not to be discussed on open, unsecure forums such as here and other SF centric sites.

Go do PT and finish school...

Would one of the Mods/Admins lock this thread so no one inadvertently says something that shouldnt be said...
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