Sniper Quiz

Great! I answered 9 out of 9 and the Discovery Channel thinks I should write a book on snipers.:rolleyes:
I'm fucked! Took all quizzes and can't shoot zombie invaders whilst stuck in a swamp in Mexico/Iceland/Outback. But I look totally hard with underwear on my head. :p
9 out of 9, but the one about the longest recorded kill was a total lucky guess.
7 our of 9 correct.

I didn't know the longest shot taken by a sniper. At first I started to click 2430 metes, but then clicked 2790. WRONG !!!!! Furlong took that shot in Afghan @2430 meters.

Damn, but not bad for a guy that has never been to or even near a sniper team or course.
I know I'm late on this one but I could't help myself. I got 9 out of 9. I guessed the hell out of the longest shot question.:D
I made it in my first atempt - am I good enough for Sniper School or am I good enough :cool:

I don't know, did you answer the bonus question: What two colors are on a red and white stop sign?

Or if that one's too difficult, you can pass and answer the bonus bonus question: What letter does the word "bee" begin with?

To lock in the bonus answer, you will be required to count your nose as follows:
1. Count your nose
2. Add 1
3. Subtract 1
4 this is how many noses you have