SNIPER: The Ultimate Competition


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Oct 19, 2006
Currently airing now on the History Channel. Replay at 12 am EST

Active duty snipers from the military, law enforcement and America's elite federal agencies descend on Fort Benning, GA to compete in a series of deadly challenges based on real combat situations. Host Tim Kennedy is a Ranger qualified, Green Beret, Special Forces Sniper who has done tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and is still active as a member of the U.S. Army National Guard (Texas).

Over the course of these intense two hours, viewers will witness seven events and get to know a select group of top teams and follow their ups and downs as they battle their way toward the top prize. We will both witness a thrilling competition among the best of the best, but also gain an understanding of who these men are and how they operate on a truly exceptional level every day.

Right now, it appears 75TH RR is in the lead with a NG Tm from the WTC close behind.


Verified Military
Jul 26, 2018
I think they should let the Korea & Vietnam snipers take part. Some of those guys set records with alot less as far as rifles go. History Channel had a special about the top 12 snipers in the American Military, yeah some were current especially since the .50 cal came into play, but quite a few were Vietnam Vets & a couple of Korean Vets. They even had some of the older guys shoot with what the would have used back then & they were spot on still. My dad was a Green Beret in Vietnam when they sent them in on scouting missions in 59. He amazes me the things he can do when he's shooting. He's got a certificate because he was the 1st person to shot a perfect score on one of the ranges just can't remember which one. He's getting up there in age but he can still hit what he's aiming at. I would love to pick some of you snipers brains just to learn some like how to dope the scope & how to figure out what you need to know so you can.