SOF Blimp Jump



Special Operations Command Korea troops prepare for airborne jumps with a helium blimp and gondola at the ROK Drop Zone, March 5. The jump was an opportunity for SOCKOR augmentees that are assigned or attached during Exercise Key Resolve 09 to jump with active SOCKOR members.


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What's the count before it opens on a blimp jump. that would be pretty darn cool. looks exciting.
Didn't everyone do the odd blimp jump on a Saturday night at the bar when they were young....

Or is that a Coyote jump?
What are those weird yellow strings on their backs?:D

Lol, fag! :D

I think A co. jumped blimps in S. Korea back in 2000 while those of us in C co. were getting drunk in Canada and you B co. types were getting the shits in Ecuador.
I did a blimp jump in Belgium in the late 90's.

The jump command was great - "whenever you're ready."

We almost didn't make it to Belgium because an unnamed SFC fueled our rental car with diesel instead of regular.
Brits do a three count. :2c:

We do a four-count out of propellar-driven aircraft (travelling at a minimum of 130 kts) and a six-count out of helicopters (travelling at about 70 knots).

I don't have the first clue how long one must count, jumping from a platform that isn't moving, before you determine....."Uh oh!" :eek:
Six sounds right. I don't remember exactly.

I do remember that you could hear every retention band pop. The "popping" started slow and got faster. It was pretty cool.

It was totally quiet - no jet wash, prop blast, or rotor wash.

You had to avoid the guide-lines that connect the blimp to the ground.
It would be kind of cool to have a blimp jump in your jump log lol

"wtf is a "b"?" :D
Hell, I missed my chance to get a blimp jump under my belt, but managed to score couple -three RT(rough terrain) jumps, when I was with A co 27th ENG BN out of Bragg, NC also had the rear opportunity to jump a conex( a milvan carried by a sky crane in Belgium) and if it's not a high performance A/C the count is 6.
Does anyone have any contacts in SOCKOR? I have a 92AP who doesn't want to waste the year of his life that he will spend in the ROK, and it's a lot easier to pull than to push...