SOFREP TV: Inside the Team Room


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Jul 25, 2009
Siaton, Neg. Or.

SOFREP TV is directed and produced by SOFREP Media exclusively for online broadcast. Our goal with SOFREP TV is to provide explosive and interesting content about the Special Operations community. Why us? Because our team is comprised of former US Special Operations Command Operators (US SOCOM), AND Hollywood production companies often get it very wrong when it comes to the Spec Ops community. Finally, a place where former Special Ops personnel can let their guard down and tell the real story to people they can trust.

We launched our first series called, “INSIDE THE TEAM ROOM” with U.S. Navy SEALs on April 19, 2012. This 27 episode series features Navy SEALs Chris Osman, Chris Kyle and Brandon Webb in a discussion moderated by Pat Kilbane.


Interesting concept.
Anyone know where I can watch the full episodes? Thanks.
Ahhh ... thanks. That makes sense.

Assuming each episode is around 5 minutes long, they'd been drinking and telling war stories for like 2 plus hours. Not enough time, IMO. :D
I love this site...I appreciate the sharing of opinions of those who were actually there, not some tainted media replay. Good stuff! Keep it up B. Webb!