Special Forces Unofficial Slogans


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Sep 12, 2008
The Looking Glass
Can someone enlighten me to the different sayings of the Special Forces Groups?

For example "We do bad things to bad people" - 3rd SF Group.

Can someone tell me what the rest are?
We had this posted in the team room at Fort Devo under an SF crest:
We have done so much with so little for so long,
we are now expected to do anything with nothing.
We had a sticker on one of the iceboxes that said "Never Trust a Man Who Doesn't Drink".

One time I checked the iceboxes in the team room at beerthirty, and one of them (small refrigerators) was half full of PRC 77 batteries. I told the little twit, "Next time I open one of these at 1630 hours and it's not full of cold beer, you go down the road and get a job with another team."

He snivelled, "But, Dusty-I gotta chill the batteries so we can talk!"

I said,"I ain't interested in talking, dumbass."

He wound up getting fired, anyway.