Spike TV - Deadliest Warrior

Sorry boys...... some computer geeks say that the Spetznaz win. (Now one of the reasons is that during NVG use on the pistol, the SF guy missed one target and "wounded" one while the Spetznaz guy hit/killed all hit targets.)

What ever................
I am going to be the asshole here and you guys feel free to rip my arse apart.

Spetznaz seem 100% more violence of action and mobile as they went through the demonstrations. The ballistic knife is bullshit, but hitting kill shots while wearing NVG’s and firing one handed on the move. :eeK: All while the SF dude missed a few shots, had a two hand’s on the gun.

The shotgun stuff is silly, but the fact that the Spetznaz dude got off all kill hits while on the move in faster time then the SF dude shooting from a static position with a dead hang pig for a target.

The M4 should have stomped a mud hole in the AK74, but piss poor shooting by turbo screwed the pooch IMO and gave them a “tie”. WTF?

Sniper shit was too damn close range to even compare, waste of time IMO.

In my experience Russian grenades are super unstable junk, but a grenade is a grenade.

Personally I was more impressed with the Spetznaz, mainly b/c they were all attitude and violence of action. The thing that pissed me off is all the SF dudes I ever met were all very quiet non bragging dudes (but they were on top of their game). Well all but one, but I would not put much weight behind that guy. One of the SF dudes acted like a fucking clown and brought poor attitude and weapons handling skill’s. Not a very good presentation of the SF community IMO.

As for the test’s, what a waste of time. I could have got more out of an air soft video…
I agree JAB. The M4 should have won. They did not cover any of the options that the rifle has.... optics, laser, grenade etc....

The night pistol work was more the shooter than the pistol. All of the US losses (except for the shotgun and e-tool/knife) were operator issues. Even the shotgun should have been closer.
The funny thing is, that one of the guys in the sim had an M203 on his M4 and did not use it. They didn't even bother to talk about the use of flashbangs, or the Russian GP 30 grenade launcher that they attach to the AK 74's. In my opinion though, the show really had no credibility from the start, because, a simulation and a bunch of tests will never replace an actual event, whether it be some fancy flight simulator, one of those electronic rifle ranges that they use at ROTC, or the sim that this show uses. Not every thing is numbers, there is also the human element that goes into everything.
One person against another does not exemplify an entire units capabilities. As we all know, the person who graduates last in his medical class is still called "Doctor". I would have to see a broader base of applicants to draw a conclusion on any issue. BTW, I'm disappointed that the SN guy didn't do the acrobatics I saw in the films in basic.
I did not get any background info on the show or the dudes from Spetsnaz or SF. I think the SF guys were both JR's (E6) and both had not been operational in years... Could be wrong on that, I am sure someone knows someone and set us all straight...

I agree with most of the thoughts here, one person who was on the show really got under my skin.:doh:
They might as well have compared a Jedi and a Klingon.

And we all know the Jedi would win
One fo the guys was from the Navel Spetznaz and the other was Army. Both sides were former operatiors. One of the US guys is an "instructor" for US forces now.
I was very impressed with the Spetznaz dude and his weapons handling skill’s, No I do not agree that rolling around the ground is better. But I will say moving targets are very hard to hit. Spetznaz dude was consistent and hit his targets “On the move”.

As for the SF guys, their weapons handling is something I am use to seeing in all types of units. Hollywood stances and inaccurate shooting. I have seen better 18B’s running through the SARG stuff I use to teach, but I have also seen the above type attitude and performance. I was unimpressed and feel they need to leave the SOF “TV” expert stuff to Vickers, Howe & Lamb.:2c:
I stopped watching it after the shot gun comp..Where is the auto shotguns that ODA have? Should be stepping up to the challenge and be running and gunning. We do static shooting for the basics but to compete its all movement with fast and accurate shooting.