Start for Pentagon Super-Sniper Scopes



Start for Pentagon Super-Sniper Scopes
By Noah ShachtmanOctober 10, 2007

The Pentagon's super-sniper program is under way. Back in April, we told you about "One Shot," DARPA's program to build scopes that compensate for the wind -- and boost snipers' kill-rates by ten-fold, in the process.

The first of those contracts has now been handed out to Lockheed Martin. It's a $2 million, nine-month deal to basic wind-measurement system. That'll be followed by an eighteen month project to build a prototype One Shot scope.
"Even a light gust has a huge impact on [snipers] and missing the target by over 1.5 meters at distances as short as 400 meters is not uncommon," notes DARPA program manager Deepak Varshneya. The agency wants its new scope to provide lethal precision at 2000 meters range, in winds up to 40 miles per hour. If it all works out as planned, American snipers will able to fire in a hurry -- "engag[ing] and pull[ing] the trigger" in "less than one second" -- and they won't miss, no matter how hard the wind blows.
Deepak Varshneya is on crack.

DARPA does not have a good track record in developing products for snipers...XM-3 for the USMC being the prime example.

C-Sniper, Crosshair and One Shot are window dressings that will only work under ideal conditions.

Let's all hold our breath, collectively.....

I have been with the 5th SOTIC guys for the past two years, and I tell you this. They do not NEED this.

If you are shooting at 1000+ yards, then you do not have to be concerned too much with return fire (their range and ability suck-spray and pray) so why need a Sniper platform? At that range, any weapon with a large rate of fire would probably work better than the one shot program, wouldn't it??? I am asking, sincerely BTW...
I'm wondering how a system is going to compensate for wind... laser (for range) + highly sensitive thermal ?

Or do you just punch a key sequence- which would replace "clicks"? If its the latter, you'd still be determining range independently of the platform, and visually estimating wind- so where is the innovation there?

Then there's the joy of waterproofing.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
why the hell would I need that?

So many years shooting in the wind and now they bring more junk that used baterries and that claims that it can do the same.....
Most of the time sesoned snipers dont even need the kestrel!!!
why a 2M$ scope
DARPA's 7.62 (USMC) rifle sucks ass first of all, so I have no faith at all that this wiz bang new sight will be much better. If they want "Super Snipers" give us a 338 weapon that holds sub min, with a shooters stock, not a bench rest competion rifle and spend the 2 million on rounds for training, because no matter how much you shoot, you learn something new from ever slow controlled press of the trigger.
The battery might not be an issue, as the program is calling for one that "can operate for 100 hours on one battery charge.", 4 days of use is fairly good.

It is worth checking out.