Sto Phase I & Ii


Nov 15, 2010
Binghamton, NY
Good Morning,

I am currently working on putting together my Phase I package for STO. I am also working with a retired CCT to get prepared should I be selected for Phase II. One thing that the CCT suggested was that I inquire on hear about boots. I have reviewed the STO information that pertains to cadets and cannot find anything that limits cadets from wearing any boots they desire to Phase II (as long as they are in regs obviously). Does anyone know if this is really the case? I don't normally wear my detachment issue boots as they are very poor quality/comfort. If we are not required to wear our issue boots, are there any restrictions on what boots we can bring? Also, I am considering buying a pair of Danner's or Rockies. Does anyone have recommendation on what boots would be best? Thanks!
I personally like the Oakley Assault Boot, but I've heard a lot of good things about Danner boots. I don't see why you couldn't wear other boots to selection. I'm no expert on the subject, but I would personally talk to the STO project officer or just give a call down to Hurlburt to get a definitive answer. I'm sure someone can chime in on here if I'm out of my lane. Good luck with selection.
Thank you for the info manas. I'll probably give a call down to Hurlburt today or tomorrow to find out for sure. In the meantime, I appreciate any other info/input!
I am also a fan of the Oakley Assault Boot. That's about the only help that I can offer on this subject. They're not too bad pricewise either when you order them through their standard issue accounts. If you haven't opened up a standard issue account with Oakley yet, I would highly suggest doing so. If you have any questions regarding that, let me know and I'll guide you through how to do it.
If i could just make a quick suggestion- do not wear an assault boot for your time in the STO pipeline. Get a heavier boot, like the danner or equivalent. It's not like weight is an issue- and if it is, as in if you feel like the extra ounces on your feet is going to make the difference of pass/fail, then the boot choice doesnt matter cause you suck.

You will thank yourself for it down the road. The rocky is not an acceptable sub either- those things are just trash on a long ruck. While the assault boot is cool, and is totally gucci to have DOWN THE ROAD, I just dont recommend wearing them through your training. Youre going to be doing long rucks/runs in your boots, lots of moving, adjusting, etc on your feet- and when youre tired and you dont have the stability thanks to fatigue, you are going to want a boot that protects your ankle, e.g., a full size somewhat rigid boot.

I love (and wear) an Oakley assault 3-quarter at work now, and several different variants through my career. But throughout the pipeline I saw first hand that sometimes the tried and true- a good, broken in pair of leather Danners- works the best.

Just my opinion. Good luck.
Thank you for the input everyone. I have spent a lot of time on as well. amlove, your recommendation seems to be in line with what I've heard from most people. Due to the AF policy of phasing out the tan boots I am going to have to hunt for some sage Danner's. From what I've heard, many are saying to get boots with drain holes over gortex boots, but I have heard both ways. Does anyone have more input on this? and is there a specific model of Danner's that anyone has experience with in particular they recommend? I'll be headed down to McGuire next week for the medical eval, so I plan to try some on there. Thanks again for all of the input and help!
I would avoid any boot with gortex for training, though they do a great job of what they are designed for, the breathability is garbage, thus your feet will sweat more and if they do get wet, they take forever to dry out.