.SWCC Creed

I'm assuming because he's going in on a SWCC contract...but even with my amazing intuition of what people are thinking:D, I think you need to actually say what you're doing. Just my .02
Screws let's chill out on the creeds for now. Read more, post less. Good luck at your SWCC c0urse.
I should have offered some explainification for my posts. I apologize. I know to do so in the future. With that being said... I'm currently in DEP with the Navy. My original plan was to go the SEAL route (which is one of the reasons I also posted the SEAL ethos), but at the ripe old age of 28, time was not on my side. I decided to switch my goal to SWCC and I got my contract about 2 months ago.
I work out with a group of NSO/NSW hopefuls just like myself and a coordinator/motivator who is a former/retired SEAL. I read this before every workout to get myself more motivated and to help keep my eys on the prize, as it were.
So there you have it. Back to lurking, reading and looking at gun porn...