Training for SWCC, does my program look good?


Mar 22, 2024
I am currently training for SWCC, i made this training plan myself and I am currently on week 7 of it. I have seen progress with this plan for sure but I want to be as in shape as possible before the warrior program as I know once im in, my results will sky rocket as I personally knew someone from the program. I met all requirements for the ASVAB as I took it in school and I have 3 more months until I can officially get the process started as I meet the grade requirement then. What changes can i make to this or what else can i do to improve my self while waiting?

Sealfit= a cross fit program made for seal/ swcc preparation

Dl= Deadlift
DragonFlag= Core exercise, helps with core stability
Basic 3= pushups, pullups, situps

I also swim on the weekdays but it is not listed as I am on a swim team. I also lift after I swim so it makes things brutal

I have been preparing for this since the end of 2022 and I am serious about this. To me this isn’t a dream its a goal of mine


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