TACP Training


Dec 20, 2017
Hey everyone,

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to address TACP training. I'm looking for a current TACP that can offer input on training and how I'm doing.

Currently, I run, ruck and do cals on most days. I'm also a swimmer (for the morning wake up). My runs are anywhere from 2-4 miles and I either have a 20 pound weight vest on or I push my baby boy in a stroller. The times for these runs are typically 13-15 minutes for the 2 miles and 30-34 for my 4 mile runs. My cals do need work.

My max for pushups are 50 with the chest touching the ground and having full extension and the top, sit ups 54 with hands locked behind head and pull ups are 15. These maxes are utilizing a 1 minute time cap instead of the 2 minute like on the past test.

I want to start adding in weight training for the added strength benefits during rucks and runs.

With this information, can anyone give some solid input and possible suggestions? I appreciate anything that helps.
Thanks for the tip. What about calisthenic training? Does a weight vest have any added benefit? Is there any training tips for increasing my reps?
Running with weights is just an extra burden on your knees and back. You'll enough with some form of weight in the service, so take care of your body.

All of your other questions are well outside of my lane.
Read through the fitness forum, and pick one of those programs. Mountain Tactical Institute has a pretty brutal Schoolhouse prep program, but it requires having a significant amount of time to train each day. The Ranger School, Ruck Based Selection, or CCT packets would work as well. There's swimming in the Prep Course now, so be prepared for that. At the end of the day, there's no magic bullet program.