Thatoneguy72 Intro


Jan 18, 2012
I'm a prior service Marine who is looking into possibly joining the 19th or 20th Groups. Wouldn't matter to me where. This may be quite difficult due to a back injury in 2002 but am currently in the best shape of my life and hoping to convince the military docs that I am healed up. I'm realistic about the current recruiting situation so Im expecting the worst but Ill never know if I don't try.
What brought me here was my search of not only basic information concerning both Active/Guard Army Special Forces but also to maybe make contact and find out when any of the Guard units would be holding an SFRE that is open to civilians. If anyone could assist me in that venture, I'd be most grateful. Thank you for letting participate on your site and for your service everyone.
Sorry about the font color. Not sure how that happened. I'm one for first impressions...

It's all good, welcome to the site.

Hahahahaha! What's going on here?? Welcome!

Yeah, this could turn into a whole "who's on first?" kind of thing, "hey, who was that one guy, who we really liked but always posted in a font no one could read?" "It was thatoneguy." "Yeah, that's what I want to know, who was that one guy?" ;)