Thomas Lee (Skeeter) - Intro


All-Source Intel Analyst
Verified Military
Mar 5, 2019
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
I am an Active Duty Air Force E-6 (Technical Sergeant) currently stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. I am an All-Source Intelligence analyst by trade and have been in a little over 15 yrs. I was stationed at Hurlburt Field (11 SOIS) from 2012-2016 providing ISR support to SOCOM/JSOC/AFSOC. That mission and supporting our Tip of the Spear warriors are near and dear to ym heart. I'm hoping to get back down to Hurlburt to finish my career out as I miss the brotherhood and comraderie of the Special Operations world. With the ST guys just finishing up their ruck march, I'd like to honor the memory my buddy, Marty Bettelyoun, who was killed in a training accident on 3 August 2015. RIP brother, you're loved and missed by many.