Training Ideas?


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Oct 27, 2009
Our cell is heading out for a week here and there at different times in the next few months to do some det vs det training. We are using this to iron out our SOP's and to have some fun. We want to focus a lot on tracking and counter tracking as well as hide and seek style events with one det in an OP/Hide, and the other coming into their AO hours later trying to locate them without being engaged. Just seeing if anyone here has any fun/challenging scenarios we could use for maintaining and improving our sniper/counter sniper abilites. I would prefer to discuss things over PM, just using this post as a way to generate interest.
Whatever you do, don't put unrealistic time restrictions when not appropriate. There's nothing worse than doing a perfect stalk and then the whistle blows while you're setting up your hide because the cadre have to go dip their wicks or some stupid bullshit. Just make sure everyone is on board for what is planned. If you have weaknesses then focus on training that will strengthen those areas. If you are just going out to see who can do what because you feel everyone is trained properly, then set right and left limits and go to work. Mission specific training is great when it applies, but I have also found it is great to leave some training open to let your teams exercise their creative abilities and develop skills together. That's my 2.
What about incorporating some intel play? How much would you have to change your TTPs if there was overhead observation, for example?
I agree with HS on the allowing teams to work out their SOP’s and abilities.These are some ideas to toss in the mix.

Hide & Camouflage: Have them select their hide and camo it, their self and equipment. Then have walkers try and find them. You can do the same for movement.

Enemy activity: Have role player’s act out a detailed enemy TTP in the team’s area of observation. Have the team report it in via radio and fill out a detailed written report. Compare the teams radioed report and written report to the TTP given to the role players. Grade them on the accuracy of their reporting.

Face recognition: Use life size pictures of the face, maybe 3 or 4. Set them up at 500+ meters and give a team a copy of one of the pictures. Have them positively ID the right picture down range.

Marksmanship: Focus on cold bore shots at varies ranges (i.e. 300-600-800 meters) require them to achieve a first time hit at different ranges (that meet their mission) under time. Also focus on unknown distance shooting, where they have to practice ranging, adjusting for wind and gravity or hold off under time restraints.
Thanks for the input, good idea with the Air Obv.

We will be conducting det vs det (4 man team vs 4 man team) scenarios. Due to the fact that it will be trained sniper dets vs other trained sniper dets, it is assumed that the basic skillsets will be employed and carried out (as JAB outlined). We will not be doing any low level training to assess those skills individually, they will be used constantly within the scenarios. What I am looking for more directly, are some ideas for scenarios. Team vs team stuff that you guys may have ran and found worked well. We are hoping that by putting our guys against each other, we will find det weaknesses and training deficiencies... or just realize we all need to quit our jobs and go work at Wal-Mart. :cool:
Hope im not too late.

What I have found to be the best, is not do a sniper-sniper event, unless thats all you have. Any other units/sections going out with you?

For instance, What I do is go to the Scout PL/PS and see where they are operating and mission ect. have them NOT inform the squads of our presence, even though they always do.

I use that as OPFOR intel and plan a real mission around that without giving my guys the actual routes. Let my TL's pick their equipment, routes, FFP ect. From there we go do our thing. I tell them if they can capture someone, its fair game, and the scouts will attempt to detain them as well (even though they dont "know" we are out there). What that does is ensure these guys try their best to get as close as possible w/o being detected.

If you think about it, observe/reporting is the majority of our job, so have the guys focus on doing that. all the basics, and as much detail as possible- nametapes if they can, specific times, time spent in x psotions ect.. all the details we can gather. maybe even give the PL/PS something to give a single guy to have and the snipers look for ect. Have them call it in in real time and track it in their logbooks. and if doing more than 1 excercise, incorporate previous data from their logs books into it to see if they can recall it and know to look back..