Unforgettable Pics of Vietnam Pre 1975

The link was sent to me by a Vietnamese SEAL Kiet Nguyen. He was awarded the US Navy Cross for his role in the Bat-21 rescue. He is a personal friend of mine and is a member of SFA Chapter 16. He calls me his 'big brother.'

I have never met a more patriotic American! ;)
Great photos Trip :)

I have a few photos of my grandfather taken during the Vietnam War. It's nice to look back and remember those who fought in WW1/2, Korean War, Vietnam and so on.
Great pics. I had a grandfather that was a 1stSGT in the Vietnam War. He was in artillery. He's told me some interesting stories. One of which was situated in an area called Duc Lap. I hope to get the whole story sometime from him and share it.