Uruzgan Joint Sniper Training

What the fucking shit. Who's the fucking genius in HQJOC that though this was a good idea because I'd like to have a little talk to him about a dead mate and a bunch of fucking Indo's from the last time they though shit like this was a good idea.
I haven't seen any ANA 'snipers' yet, hopefully they only have SVDs.
I am not a fan AT ALL of teaching booger eaters (regardless if they are on our side - today) long range engagement techniques. In fact I am 100% against it.

ANA today -Taliban yesterday and again tomorrow.

Bad idea...very bad.


I saw the Iraqi post about this yesterday and felt the same way. I just dont understand who would approve of this and in who's mind it makes sense. Its tough enough against an untrained sniper adversary, now we are teaching our own TTP's? At least im not the only one thinking this very bad for business,