VBSS and Water Ops- Black Chuck Taylors


Nov 7, 2010
I wear Black Chuck Taylors for VBSS and Waters Ops.
Easy to slip on a fin. Any one els ever try these? If not , for $30 try them out
what do you wear?
Back when I used to do Scout Swimmers/VBSS, I wore Chuck Taylors as well. They were cheap and fairly comfortable. The only downside that I had to wearing them, was that there was a lot of coral around where we were so they would get cut up quite easily. They weren't the best for traction either. However the pros outweighed the cons so I wore them.
thats a good thing to keep in mind, ill watch our for coral..if im lucky enough to go some place where there is warm water. Ive tried these new Nike SFB Combat Boots that are pretty badass now too.
I wore high tops.

Gotta love some Chuck T's, after all the high-speed stuff you can roll up to the bar in them.

Obviously! That's always the end of the mission right there. Mission Accomplishment is making it to the bar.
We are rocking the black high tops for water ops too. Easy to put fins over, water easily drains, good traction and they're tactical looking. Other than diving, surface swims and short duration missions we havent used them much. I dont think I would use them for any type of long overland infils though.