"Veterans" throw away their medals during protests


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Sep 9, 2006
I put "veterans" in quotes because I wonder how many of them were actually vets, and of those, who were throwing away things they had actually earned. I also wonder if it's possible to revoke the awards for those who no longer want them.


Iraq war veteran Steven Acheson will engage in the rarest of protests this weekend: He will hand back his military service medals at the NATO summit in Chicago, an act one veteran calls "disgraceful."
Acheson, who served for five years in the Army, including more than a year in Iraq that he says left him with PTSD and nightmares, is taking this step to protest the "war on terror" and the force leading it, NATO. He will be joined by a few dozen veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who are concerned about the wars' fallout on veterans and civilians alike.
“I feel like this is a really good way for me to kind of, not clear my conscience, but just make a step in the direction of healing and kind of reconciling with the Afghan people and the Iraq people,” said Acheson, a 27-year-old college student from Wisconsin and a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, which includes soldiers who served in any of the post- 9/11 conflict zones, “… and let them know that we’re standing by their side and we’re not standing with NATO anymore. We don’t agree with the policies that are driving these wars.”
How does that act reconcile with Afghan and Iraqi people? I am pretty sure they don't know/care about what he/they are doing.

We (as in a former unit) had a dirtbag E-5 throw his ARCOM or AAM (don't remember what he got) in the trash right in front of our leadership at an award ceremony right before we left theatre. I thought they were going to rip his head of. To this day, I don't know how he rated an award after threatening a couple of our Sr. NCOs and pulling a bunch of other shit. He ended up in jail a couple of days after we got back (called the cops on himself).
A whole year spent in Iraq. Yea I can see how enjoying the awesome chow at one of the big ass main bases and enjoying a awesome PX and hot water was a sacrifice on your part there Steve. Was probably the long lines at the internet center that gave you the PTSD.
Steven is an E5 out of Ft. Stewart. In the IRR, so who knows where he is now. No idea what MOS.

Oh, was a FO. Here is all the info you could ever want on him.


There couldn't be two of them at the same school with the same Major, right?

This ass clown was in Chicago huh...damn, I could have seen to it that he was hit by a bus/train.
What a tool! This really pisses me off as well, reading this just before Memorial Day and just a month out from June 28.
This ass clown was in Chicago huh...damn, I could have seen to it that he was hit by a bus/train.
Damn Skrewz....Piss poor planning...come on brother you got better game than that. Lets make it happen the next time this D-Bag hits the radar. Uh...BTW I was just jokin for all those that seriously monitor this site. Except for the D-bag comment. What a waste.
He likes:
Veterans for Medical Cannabis (go figure)
Sexy Athiests, Athiests United (doesn't surprise me)
Rethink Afghanistan (never served there)

Iraq and Afghanistan (but he never served in afghanistan)

I have a feeling he never stepped foot in Sadr City either. I think he claims that just because many recognize it as a rough place in Iraq.
The reality, the sad, sad reality is that there are plenty of Americans in uniform like this clown. I know of one Ranger/ SF/ Delta type who broadcasts some of the dumbest shit I've ever read/ heard so to have this 13Fuckup step forward for his moment in the sun isn't surprising.

How much do you want to bet that he isn't too ashamed of his military service to reject his GI Bill?

Curiously, two of the biggest "haters" of the military I've ever known (the kind who are always bitching about their time in uniform) are also 3rd ID alumni.
I can see why someone could get all down on the Military after serving. I know people that have been fucked pretty good by their branch and I understand their bitterness.
I also think the medals/awards etc... are theirs do with as they please.

That said, I despise these fucking John Kerry wannabe assholes. Lets go through your DD214 and see exactly what you did/experienced. They stand behind their Military service like a shield while slamming it. Fuck you.

Did the Military conscript them? Did the Military fuck them or did a couple of douchebag Officers/NCOs? Did they get fucked at all or were they simply not suited to the life? Were they forced to do illegal things or did they just not like war and all that comes with it.

It's war, bad things happen, sometimes to good people. Here goes a tissue, Harden the fuck up.
They could always volunteer for service with the glorious army of the North Korea! See how horrible and evil the US military is after spending some time living under the loving care of the dear leader :p
It's war, bad things happen, sometimes to good people. Here goes a tissue, Harden the fuck up.

Apparently this douchebag hates the military and the U.S. because we forced kids to walk through their own sewage on their way to school. For some reason, I can't picture this guy going over there and building a sewage system. :rolleyes:

The funny thing, it sounds like he is going to try and build a mini-Iraq:
I have dreams of one day starting a small-scale eco-village that is completely self-sustaining and utilizes earthen structures and renewable energy technology.
I wonder if he will have sewage. Then he can use methane as a renewable energy source.
I read that eco-villiage part and all I can picture is south park and the news people on there interviewing "aging hippy liberal douche" lol