Viper Hood or Ghillie Cloak?


Verified Sniper
Nov 30, 2008
I am interested in a ghillie type patrol suit. I obviously already have a full suit, I am looking for something that would serve more as a patrol type ghillie, something more practical for real world stuff. I've been looking at the Viper Hood from tactical concealment as well as the Ghillie Cloak from S.O.Tech. Has anyone had any experience with either specific piece of gear, and can anyone comment on the practicality of either piece? I am well aware the both tactical concealment and S.O.Tech both make excellent gear, so I am just trying to decide which piece would be more useful for my purposes. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.
Viper hood has my vote. I had one like it from London Bridge Trading. Worked very well. Biggest issue with the full suit is not being able to throw on a ruck easy. Viper doesn't have that issue. Looks well set up and strong.
I have no experiance with the S.O.Tech, but have used the Viper hood and Cobra hood (Same as Viper just has a back peice as well) they are my bread and butter for patrols.