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Military Channel -Tuesday Dec. 18th @ 10:00 pm EST, Weaponology - US Army Rangers
That sucks Luna. Last week when I got my new HD TV..I initially had a little technical difficulty..resulting in the Military Channel being the ONLY DAMN CHANNEL I COULD SEE. I thought Boon had infiltrated my Cable!:doh:
Thats all better now. I can see it when I want it.:uhh:
Man, there was not a detail about Regiment in the broadcast only about Regiments history and Ranger school. I am tired of being associated with Ranger School, ITS NOT THE SAME THING! (60 day school vs. a way of life). Regiment needs its own BUDS/SFAS, RIP/ROP don't cut it anymore; we need something to set us apart from Ranger school and every other Ranger "qualified person".
Here I go again ranting, see why I am so Angry :mad:

O yeah, who was that clown in the black beret and support unit patch. "Hey guys I am an Army Ranger, I went to Ranger school". FAG!

My Dad: "Isn't it good that they dont let the enemy know who you guys are?"( Regarding the show not showing current Regiment)
Me: "Dad, we have F'ing bounties on our heads overseas, I am pretty sure the enemy knows which assholes payed them a visit".
Well Anger, that has always been my gripe as well. I guess it is glad that I missed it last night lol. They really just need to change the Ranger Tab into something else, but that will never happen.
They should make a delta tab. Even after you finish the school you don't know wether you graduated or not.
It's an issue that has been beaten to death and gets nowhere lol.

To sum things up, Ranger School is a course that just about anyone can go through. It's a leadership/patrolling course that is nice gut check. When you graduate, you are considered "Ranger Qualified." If you want details, let me know, as I spent most of my first enlistment there :D (see my gulag experience blog entry).

The 75th Ranger Regiment is a unit obviously; not a school. It has it own criteria to meet before you can get to a Batt. (i.e. you have to be airborne qualified to go to RIP. You can be a leg and go to Ranger School), and really has nothing to do with Ranger School. If you hear about a company of Rangers getting deployed, you probably aren't hearing about a company of tabbed individuals taken in from throughout the Army to form one unit, who are subsequently shipped off to Iraq. That isn't how it works. You are most likely hearing about a company from one of the 3 Ranger Battalions.

Yes we send all our people to Ranger School. It is an excellent course to learn the fundamentals of patrolling and all the happy stuff that comes with it. With that said, it's night and day.

It's been said over and over again, that "The tab is a school and the scroll is a way of life."
I'm sure it was because the US Army would not let them film or talk to current personnel