What would you take ??



Ok fuck it !

If any of us here where to be called out, right now, today, tonight at this very moment and we had to take a 9mm Luger or .40 Smith or .45 ACP handgun into harms way what pistol would you take ??

Remember, you are going to fight, your going to use that pistol, you need 100% reliability, and it's non negotiable.

What do you have in your possesssion and what would you choose ? Is it going to handle the challenges of our Brothers in harms way ?

Mine is:

Glock 21SF .45 ACP
Mag Cap: 13 + 1

I have to suggest that you pair the weapon selection with proper ammo; brand, type, cal. etc.

I like my XD40 for the beating it will take, but as you know I ran some obviously bad ammo through it that was touted by many as the bomb. What did I get you might ask, a squib which put a mild split the barrel. That said, the weapon held up superb with the squib and only needs barrel replacement.

I'm a long barrel warrior and am a bit limited compared to most on here as to the handguns. I would also have a bolo machete or hatchet in reach for those up close encounters that require a little less complex motor skills in a life or death fight.

2 minimum on backup HC mags. After that, I've done closed the distance and my opponent better still have more than a few rounds left, or a chopping we will go.
Let's just pretend that ammunition would be issued accordingly.

Ball ammo, standard Mil Spec pressures/SAAMI


Glock 21SF .45 ACP

13+1 Cap.
Speer LE Gold Dot NIB

Interesting, did you contact Speer? I would like to find out more about it, most of the LEA's around here run Gold Dot. If you find something out (defect or whatever) pass it on, I would like to have that info to pass out in classes.

I stopped using Gold Dot when I saw that power point on the shooting where some dirt bag took a shit load of .40S&W Gold Dot 180gr and they only penetrated 1 inch into the bad guy’s body. It took several .223 rounds to slow him down and they still fought to get hooks on him, and the only drug they found in him was a small amount of THC.

I am running Federal Hydro Shock now, but FMJ is better for punching through barricades (wind shields/car doors ect).

As for running mil-spec ammo I would say Glock 17-22, if I was going to be making long movements (long term carry) or having to engage multiple bad guys I would opt with the G17 for mag capacity and recoil management for follow up shots/multiple threats. I have gotten away from 45 ACP due to recoil control and cost, I find that I am more accurate with multiple targets & movers with 9mm. I also put shot placement over caliber size, so I tend to lean towards the lighter recoil rounds.
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Squirt it the other way, I'm not your type :D

I don't wanna hve to clean, wipe, swipe or baby this gun. I wanna load to full cap and be able to reload without having to be a former DELTA operator. You get my drift ?

Glock 17 would be a great choice, but I only own the Glock 21 and 22 right now. So my choice is....................................G21
Funny you should ask. I've got two guns on the bench for maintenance now- a HK45 and a Wilson CQB/rail 1911. I'd be comfortable with either, but the 1911 wins since I'm wearing a holster for it now. It's been reliable through 1000+ round days in all kinds of conditions, and I'd grab the small squeeze bottle of freshly made bug juice to ensure it ran smoothly.
Deuce do you have access to a morbitiy chart on calibers?
I live in Kommifornia so no large capacity mags. I would take my Sig P239 in .40.
My Glock 17. Because that's the gun I shoot the best. IMO the most important factor is shot placement...
I would carry a 1911A1 .45 Colt semi-automatic. It has almost a hundred years of "prooven" stopping power. The 9mm doesn't have reliable knock down power and the .40 ciliber was a compromise between the .45 and the 9mm.
I have one of each in the house right now, if it was "Zombie Apocalypse" or something I'd probably take the 9mm because it will probably be easier to find ammo... that said, the "nicest" gun I have is my Kimber .45 ... but everything else being equal (and short of Zombification :) ) I'd probably take my Glock .40, I have lots of mags and bullets for it, it fits my hand the best and it holds 13+ rounds.
Deuce do you have access to a morbitiy chart on calibers?
I live in Kommifornia so no large capacity mags. I would take my Sig P239 in .40.


I used to have several articles on that subject matter. Some where from docs in the ER's and others where ballistic tests.

I'll have to find them online again.