Yosemite Sam hits the DZ

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Aug 2, 2010
Northern Wis
Per the recommendation of a young former 3rd Batt dude I linked up with on this Saturday past, thought I would drop in here. Been on the other forums for several years under another moniker, but somebody here has pre-empted my usual name.

So here we go again for the umpteenth time (sigh) - Went on AD in 1968, accepted and passed thru the SFOC Q course in '69, got my flash and all, worked with 6th SFG(A) 69-70, got bored, volunteered for RS and RVN, was in class 13-70, went to II Corp with 2d ARVN Ranger Group (BDQ) 70-71, then back to Ft. Hood to 2/13 BN 1st Cav, ETS'd 72.
Life member USARA & 75th RRA.

Used to drop in on ******, spend most of my PC time on ar.com.

Don't know the customs here, so I won't name names yet, but maybe some of you here know me from other sites. Personal friends with past 75th RRA Pres. plus the MOH dude in St. Pete's Beach. One of my RIs and a C/75 Ranger just made it to RHOF, his CO knows me from a trip to Romania.

So, a tip of the "Yosemite Sam" beret to all ya all.

RLTW 13-70 BDQ 70-71

P.S. Sure like to know who on this site is using my tradename from all the other sites I've been on for over ten years.

Feel free to PM me your other user name. And the MOH winner you speak of, Franklin Miller or does St. Pete have another?
If you want Lefty as your screen name I have no problem giving it to you, since the current lefty's account is inactive.
Welcome to the only person around here in their right mind. Dunno if you're gonna fit in well. :D

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