Yosemite Sam hits the DZ

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Thanks for the welcomes.

Still touring the site and trying to get the lay of the land.
A rather mixed bag here. Suspect I'll find some old friends and more than a few old enemies.
I have a checkered past, a little tact, very little patience, and definite opinions.
Live way up north in the woods on a few acres with a lot of critters and not many people.
More to follow.
RLTW Lefty
RS 13-70 BDQ 70-71
Welcome Lefty
you will be the only opiniated person on the site. I did 66,67,68 and I live in N CA on a couple of acres and a lot of critters.
LOL You better not put up too many. Folks on here might get lustful and want the next shoot out to be at your place. ;)

One of the mods will be along to show you how to put more than one pic in a posting.


.....and when day is done, my favorite refreshment.

An eclectic collection, to be sure, but you asked for pics, that is a cross section.
Not open for further replies.