Not Work Safe .

Also, color me skeptical that Amazon does take good care of its employees given the stories that come out what feels like every other day with them.

Amazon was not a horrible place to work during the 3 weeks I spent there. It wasn't one of those places that had people pissing in bottles, but that wasn't most facilities anyway. Also, i left before holiday season, but still thats also less than 3 months.

Coming from construction background, it was pretty mild. I heard all the BS horror stories.
I'm over 50 and I've been a member of AAA for my entire adult life.

I was yesterday years old when I learned--or had forgotten and was reminded--that you can do DMV transactions at AAA.

All those hours... in some of the sketchiest places, waiting in line with dozens...scores... nay, hundreds of people who were just as pissed off and sketchy as I am... compared to the loveliness of walk in/walk out AAA.

The only thing that would make this experience better is if AAA had in-house Chik-Fil-A to go with their in-house DMV.

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Amazon unironically has this person advertising one of the main benefits of working for them as "mental health care on the first day."

Not sure how to feel about this. To whom is this campaign intended to appeal?

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If we didn’t cut down our mental institutions by an insane number over the past 70 years, they’d be institutionalized.