87th Canadian soldier killed during the Afghanistan mission.


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Feb 8, 2007
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Shit! An eager young soldier that probably shouldn't have been there. :(


Canadian soldier killed by blast in Afghanistan

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The Canadian Press

A Canadian military medic lauded by peers for his quick smile, sharp intellect, and generous heart has been killed by an explosion during a foot patrol in Afghanistan.
Pte. Colin William Wilmot died during a patrol Sunday in the Panjwaii district near Kandahar city.
He is the 87th Canadian soldier killed during the Afghanistan mission.
The Edmonton-based medic was remembered by comrades as the top student in his basic medical course and a young man with a perpetually sunny disposition. They said he was not originally scheduled to join the current rotation in Afghanistan, but demanded to be sent.
"He quickly marched in to see his regiment sergeant-major to indicate he was eager to serve," said Brig.-Gen. Denis Thompson, Canada's top soldier in Afghanistan.
"Colin wanted it known that should a spot become available on the mission, he wanted in.
"He was selected to fill a vacancy soon after, because he was motivated, he was skilled, and because he was eager to make a difference in the lives of ordinary Afghans."
He is the first Canadian soldier killed in combat since early June.
More recently, one soldier died in a fall into a wall during a night-time patrol, and another died just days ago in a base sleeping quarters for reasons still being investigated.
Wilmot leaves behind a fiancée, Laura.