Afghan President's Brother Assassinated by Bodyguard.


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Aug 25, 2006
Im patiently awaiting Hamid Karzai's

Afghan President Hamid Karzai's powerful half brother, a lightning rod for criticism of all that is wrong with the Afghan government, was assassinated by a bodyguard Tuesday at his home in the southern province of Kandahar, officials said.
Ahmed Wali Karzai, who was head of the Kandahar provincial council, had become a political liability for the Karzai government after a series of allegations, including that he was on the CIA payroll and involved in drug trafficking. He denied the charges, and the president repeatedly defended him, denouncing accusations that his brother was involved in criminal activities in the restive south.
Can Karzai be next? Followed by Musharraf/Zardari? And then al-Awlaki. Then Zawahiri. Then Calderon from Mexico. Then Mullah Omar. And last but not least Gary Bettman.

In no particular order. Too many douche bags to name..
How many brothers does Karzai have? And I dont know that Id exactly be overjoyed to get the job here LOL.

Shortly after the funeral, Karzai named another sibling, Shah Wali Karzai, to replace Ahmed Wali Karzai. The move signaled the importance of continuity in a country where power vacuums are often filled with violent confrontations. Still, the new tribal elder is a relative unknown, and it was unclear if will be as able an operator as Wali Karzai.