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Feb 8, 2007
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We really need a new puppet, every time this douchebag opens his mouth it just pisses me off. Next he'll say that from now on all foreign troops will only use rubber bullets or something stupid like that. :confused:

Afghan president seeks to limit NATO airstrikes

The Associated Press

Posted: May 31, 2011 2:47 AM ET

Last Updated: May 31, 2011 10:29 AM ET

Angered by civilian casualties, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Tuesday he will no longer allow NATO airstrikes on houses, issuing his strongest statement yet against strikes that the military alliance says are key to its war on Taliban insurgents.

Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai says he will no longer permit NATO airstrikes on houses because of the civilian casualties that result. (Omar Sobhani/Reuters)

The president's remarks follow a recent strike that mistakenly killed a group of children and women in southern Helmand province. He said it would be the last.
"From this moment, airstrikes on the houses of people are not allowed," Karzai told reporters in Kabul.
Karzai was clearly "completely furious" at the deaths, freelance reporter Kate Clark told CBC News from Kabul.
Asked why Karzai is taking a stand now, Clark said it appears he is at the end of his tether.
"It's just the latest in a series of operations where civilians have been killed this month — not just in air strikes, but also night raids."
NATO says it never conducts such strikes without Afghan government co-ordination and approval. A spokesman for NATO forces in Afghanistan said they will review their procedures for airstrikes given Karzai's statement, but did not say that it would force any immediate change in tactics.
"In the days and weeks ahead we will co-ordinate very closely with President Karzai to ensure that his intent is met," spokeswoman Maj. Sunset Belinsky said.
If Karzai holds to what sounds like an order to international troops to abandon strikes, it could bring the Afghan government in direct conflict with its international allies.
"Coalition forces constantly strive to reduce the chance of civilian casualties and damage to structures, but when the insurgents use civilians as a shield and put our forces in a position where their only option is to use airstrikes, then they will take that option," Belinsky said.
Karzai's powers unclear

It is unclear if Karzai has the power to order an end to such strikes. NATO and American forces are in Afghanistan under a United Nations mandate that expires in October.
The United States is negotiating an agreement with the Afghan government on the presence of its forces in the country, but this has already become contentious, with Karzai declaring that he will put strict controls on how U.S. troops conduct themselves in his country.
"The Afghan people can no longer tolerate these attacks," Karzai told reporters at the presidential palace.
He issued a veiled threat: "The Afghan people will be forced to take action." He did not, however, say what this action would be, but said he plans to discuss it with NATO officials next week.
He noted that he has repeatedly told his international allies that civilian deaths from air strikes are unacceptable.
"If this is repeated, Afghanistan has a lot of ways of stopping it, but we don't want to go there. We want NATO to stop the raids on its own, without a declaration of an end by the Afghan government, because we want to continue to co-operate," he said.
Karzai said that NATO forces risk being seen as an "occupying force" if they continue with their current approach, using the same phrase that Taliban insurgents use to describe the international coalition.
"They must treat Afghanistan as a sovereign nation," Karzai said.
NATO apology for Helmand airstrike

At least nine civilians were killed in the airstrike in Helmand province on Saturday, according to NATO figures. Afghan officials have said 14 were killed, including at least 10 children and two women.
NATO officials have apologized for the strike on two houses in Nawzad district, saying their troops thought there were only insurgents inside the targeted compound when they ordered the strike.
Southwest regional commander U.S. marine Maj.-Gen. John Toolan said that the airstrike was launched after an insurgent attack on a coalition patrol in the district killed a marine. Five insurgents occupied a compound and continued to attack coalition troops, who called in an airstrike "to neutralize the threat," Toolan said.
The troops later discovered there were civilians inside the house.
Karzai has vacillated between calling for an end to airstrikes and night raids and softer rebukes of NATO forces, telling them they have to exercise more caution. NATO has managed to significantly reduce civilian casualties from its operations in recent years.
Meanwhile, civilians deaths from insurgent attacks have spiked.
At least 2,777 civilians were killed in Afghanistan in 2010, a 15 per cent increase over the prior year, according to a United Nations report. The insurgency was blamed for most of those deaths, while civilian deaths attributed to NATO troops declined 21 per cent.
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He's an idiot, I don't think he wants NATO to take "unilateral action" against his gov't. He's basically poking the tiger again. I say we withdraw and give India the ok to sweep across Pakistan and don't stop until they hit real civilization. ;)

Karzai said such strikes are not acceptable, and Afghanistan is willing to take "unilateral" action against NATO if they continue.
"From this moment, airstrikes on the houses of people are not allowed," Karzai told reporters in Kabul.
He said he has repeatedly stressed to Afghanistan's international allies that deadly airstrikes that claim civilian lives are not acceptable and said if they don't stop, "the Afghan government will be forced to take unilateral action."
It wasn't clear what actions, if any, Karzai, could take against NATO.
"If this is repeated, Afghanistan has a lot of ways of stopping it, but we don't want to go there. We want NATO to stop the raids on its own, without a declaration ... by the Afghan government, because we want to continue to co-operate," Karzai said.

Somebody needs to be completely realistic with Karzai and give him two options.

1. The Coalition pulls out, you die.

2. You shut the fuck up with the ridiculous amount of bollocks you can't help yourself from spouting, stop deluding yourself into thinking that you have some sort of moral high ground over anyone in A'Stan and just enjoy the fact that the Coalition's presence in A'Stan has stopped your head being mounted on a pike.

We can't bomb houses? And how will you enforce this, Senor Karzai? With your mighty air force? The only effective anti-air you seem to possess is your murderous pilots killing the very people who put you in power.

And unilateral action? Wow, I'm so terrified I just peed blood. Again, with what shall you take it, Dear Hamid, Dear Hamid, with what shall you take it, Dear Hamid with what? Your murderous police? Your crack armored divisions?

You seem to know very little of your history, Hamid. Name one of your predecessors who is still alive. Go ahead, I'll wait. If there was some type of "NATO Rapture" where we all left, including the contractors...AMERICANS...who provide you with your security you wouldn't make it 2 years.

Yeah, you're playing to the people, but to who really? You are the Mayor of Kabul! Here's a thought, why don't you work with us instead of against us and stop making these overtures to the TB and everyone else, because in the end the very people you are trying to placate will be the ones to display your head in the Kabul bazaar.

Time for a regime change, a la Guatemala and Iran, circa 1953.
On a more prosaic level, what of the insurgents in the house? KIA? Got away? No mention.