CA Medical Sergeant


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Dec 4, 2006
Anyone have any G2 on the role/entry requirements? I'm interested specifically in the Reserves.

The only thing I've really found through Google-fu was a brief blurb on the SWCS page.
To my knowledge, you wont get that school on the reserve side just plain old 68W or whatever the 91B MOS is called these days.
FYI, I'm a 68W, I got offered a job as a CA instructor with the Army Reserve (two weeks ago) (not as a medical Sgt), except that they wanted a minimum E5...
I was talking with a guy who instructs the medical course at SWC the other day and he said they are starting to get CA folks in going through the SOF medic course. Not sure if they are active or reserve CA folks but they are not long-tab folks. Just plain old CA. Pretty cool oportunity for those who get the course.
There are quite a few guys who go through the SOCM course who are going to be CA Medical Sergeants, all are active duty. But another group of those guys come from dudes that fail the Q course after already having passed SOCM.
What my Brother said...

As of today there are no CA medics attending the SFMS (last 6 months) portion of the 18D course. The CA medics attend SOCM then attend the CAMS (Civil Affairs Medical Sergeant) course which is similar in some aspects but not equal to SFMS.

Furthermore, these guys are all active duty CA, not reserves...