Case Study: Tabs and Tyrants

"The Marine Corps" calls them "civilian Marines", but the Marines don't. You and I both know the difference. ;-) Most of the civilian employees that made a big stink about being "civilian Marines" wouldn't survive three hours at PI.

And we obviously grew up in different locations, as I've never seen a "civilian Marine" in formation unless they were getting an award.

I'm glad you've had a different experience with DOD civilians. You obviously aren't as jaded as I am.

I've never worked for our Corps as a civilian and only know they do because I know of a few who worked at MC Systems Command and hated that they had to. And it's a marketing gimmick to call them that but they do. We all know we are PR masters.
The Army considers DA civilians a critical part of the overall team. Even in JSOC we had a lot of civilians. Good civilians. Taking the same risks and doing some of the same jobs we were. I was in Afghanistan when our contract 'gators had to switch over to DA Civ. Same job, paycheck just came from someone else. Overall, most of my experiences with DoD civilians were positive.

Army Civilian Careers