Change of Season Crud


Aug 26, 2006
Tis the time of year, when the weather is changing from nice and toasty warm to down right freezing your noonie off, sometimes in the SAME day. Like for instance, it was in the 90's this past weekend here in Denver and now, we're expecting snow in the next 36 hours.

So, with this change of seasons comes the inevitable....that feeling like crap. Sometimes it's from a co-worker that comes into your work coughing and hacking and spreading their germs, to that nasty virus that floats around this time of year.

Well guess what....I got it. I got it from my partner at work today, who got it from his wife last night.

It's to soon for my NyQuil and Halls, so I just did some Alka-Seltzer and lots and lots of 7-up and water. Tonight, I'll probably do some Vick's vapor rub. Will see how things are in the morning.

What are some of the best remedies or supplements (that's for you Will) that you use/ can come up with for battling the Change of Season Crud?
Speaking of co-workers...this one chick in my offices is sneezing and hacking away for 2 days now. :rolleyes: I told her not to touch anything on or near my desk, and to hold her breath when she walks past me. LOL :bleh:

I take a good multi, Zinc, Vit C (I'll double up on C if I even start to feel puny and it seems to work pretty well for me). DayQuil (or Alka-Zeltzer cold plus) and NyQuil (there is no substitute!) are my best friends if I actually catch any crud.

And nothing beats a hot whiskey right before bed when I'm sick. :2c:
heres mine

Lots of green tea with honey in it.(whiskey and lemon optional) Helps a sore throat. I also like the Ricola Natures protection Orange-Mint drops. Chock full of vitamin C. But remember..if you get any nasal goo that is discolored..or start coughing up goo..its time for an antibiotic. If you have a really blazing sorethroat..get a culture to see if its strep. That is Mother Chopsticks advice for the day. I hope you feel better soon Sdiver.:2c:
To bad the liquor stores are closed here, or else I'd be there. }:-)

I do mega doses of vitamin C every day. At least 2500 mil, 4x500 mil of Vitamin C, plus what ever is in my multi vitamin. I've found using Oil of Oregano, helps with the keeping my nose free of snot.

Sooooo...Irish Whiskey. I always wondered what Nana was using in her cold remedies when my brother and I got sick. ;)
Another good idea would be to find a way to add a little time to your sleep schedule. The more rest the better (to a point.) Vitamins good, Vitamin C runs baaad. If you start having snot issues you might try some pseudoephedrine and some guaifenesin (as in Mucinex not Robitussin.) The pseudo will help you stop producing mucus, which might dehydrate you so drinks lots (not whiskey.) The guaifenesin, OTOH, will thin out any mucus that you have left. In effect what you may end up doing on the guaif is draining like a faucet for a day or two and then it will stop. I like using Deconsal II or the newer version of Entex for this as it's both meds combined and in a time release form. Be advised I ain't no doctor.

On the subject of whiskey, a friend of mine just got back from Ireland (don't be too impressed with our jetsetting, he's currently stationed in Germany and I in Belgium) where he did a few distillery tours. Lots of free whiskey, even got a bottle with his family name on it. Can't wait for the other medic to get stationed here so I can take off and see some of these sites!
I've found using Oil of Oregano, helps with the keeping my nose free of snot.

Ive just had this highly reccemended to me for a sore throat, begin taking one drop in a glass of water at the first sign, I can personally HIGHLY reccemend garlic, preferably raw, but i realise some of the weaker being amoung us cant tolerate that :bleh: so lightly cooked, or if you are even struggling with that I suggest killing your self or taking it in pill form, the only pill for of garlic that I know of that is what it says it is is a product called garlique sonique something like that.

But like a lot of natural products they need to be taken at the first sign of trouble.

I'm a preventive medicine kind of guy. People start getting sick, I start taking the vitamin C in addition to the daily vitamin. Compound that with eating right, staying hydrated, regular exercise, and the proper amount of sleep, you should be good to go.

If that doesn't work, then I guess your shit is weak! >:{
weeeeeeeeell now!

Ok..Id like to send a very special "thank you" out to Sdiver. I have officially come down with crud. Thanks for planting that seed(cough sneeze cough):(
oy vey!

LOL..silly rabbits. I think you need to take Ranger Luna's uber edit wand away!:eek:
I think it was a false alarm anyway. I dont feel like curling up and dying anymore this morning. Musta been all that green tea I had last night;)