Combat pants

Lululemon makes great men's clothing, except for the fact that they fuck us on color rotation. But they definitely do not make tacticool stuff or stuff durable for whatever it is you're doing.

Kryptek has generally been my hunting brand of choice and they do make plenty of pants that take knee inserts.

Dalibor III Pant

Thanks for taking the request seriously and offering useful suggestions.
Oh's like a couples thing too! We should have pant chat here more often. I've learned some things.


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I train and ruck/hike in harsh conditions and various "specialty" ranges at a facility nearby.
I have worn Tru-Spec pants and tops in every condition. Will throw in a pair of the thicker knee inserts for Carhartt's and, they are durable as hell. As well as they have the 2" belt loops you are looking for.
These pants get used ALOT, the brown pairs for several months in the dry woods here and, out west.
The first pair in the pics are the Expedition pants and I have been wearing them regularly since the vegetation is changing. Have yet to really mess a pair up, they wear like iron and, are very comfortbable and non-crinkly after a handful of washings.
Not really sure what tacticool is nowadays. So I just stick with what has worked for me and others I know.
I am NOT AN OPERATOR. However, I am in the Missouri Governor's Guard as a Medic. So I get to LARP in my kit pretty regularly.
Hope this information helps and screw the haters out there. Shit doesn't have to be Gucci, it just has to work. image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

ETA: I have had these pants about 4 years now.
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