Commandos clear Gardez bazaars, capture Taliban facilitator


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Jan 3, 2007
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PAKTIYA PROVINCE, Afghanistan (Courtesy of CJSOTF-A Public Affairs, Nov. 7, 2011)– Commandos from the 3rd Company, 2nd Commando Kandak cleared four bazaars and captured a Taliban facilitator in Gardez City, Gardez district, Nov. 3.

The operation was designed to disrupt insurgent activities in the bazaars and allow the Commandos the freedom to engage and interact with the populace.

“The Gardez bazaars are known to harbor insurgent personnel and act as a meeting place for coordination of illicit activities,” said a coalition Special Operations Forces team member. “This successful operation in Gardez will disrupt the insurgents’ abilities to facilitate the movement of men, weapons and equipment through this logistical hub.”

After receiving information that a known Taliban facilitator, Mullah Mohammad Nawaz, was in the area, the commandos quickly developed a plan and moved to the location where upon arrival, Nawaz attempted to flee the area.

Nawaz remains in commando custody and is currently being questioned.

A SOF team member reported that the commandos’ success was tied directly to their hard work, training and the recent conduct of multiple, independent operations with little or no assistance from Coalition Forces.

“This operation served as an excellent test of [the commandos’] ability to act on intelligence and will culminate with a completely independent large scale operation in the near future,” said a coalition SOF team member. “The commandos proved that with appropriate preparation, training and solid leadership they are a capable and professional force.”

There were no commando or civilian casualties during this operation.