CSOR recruting video

I know. Too much snow-sh*t, right? and the clip of the 2 dudes punching each other is mondo weak too.

I think they used to much training footage, I think there should be enough 'real' footage by now that they could have had some declassed for the video. Plust most of the stuff they do or places they do it in, isn't all that "special".

Looks like a good time to me

After your eating your first "hot" meal out in sub zero weather and watching it freeze before your eyes; you'd say fuck that. ;)

Isn't Canada like......in the arctic or somewhat like that? They have polar bears right? That would explain a lot if you ask me :D

Part of it, the rest is just as much like the arctic as Poland is. :-"
Theres so much winter stuff that unless you do it, you don't realize how much it sucks and how to dress for it without dying. Like jumping, for example:

1. Dressed in the AC for hours. (sweaty)
2. prop blast and 40 seconds in the cold-@ssed wind (freeze)
3. land in deep snow, pack your crap, snowshoes ON, ruck up and roll on up to the end (or mid) stick. (SWEATY)
4. make it to the ORV and lay there while everyone else comes in, digs out the skidoo's or the BV's (Freeze)

this goes on and on and it really is a rather terrible experience. Experience i have yet to ace in living up north where theres (a lot of) snow on the ground 5 months of the year... i'll get it eventually someday though... or it'll kill me..
Worst weather I had the pleasure of working in was Bosnia, -25. But I wasn't hauling heavy rucks through 1 foot of snow.
I'd rather not think about the winter yet. Maybe I can find myself a nice place to vacation for the duration this year..

As for the video, ya its training footage and I doubt that will change. How ever id imagine that there will be more promo stuff released then there has been in the last few years..

Afghan is nice this time of the year I believe. :D
I never really liked the production the DND puts out. It looks like they hired high school students to put this togeather. The music aint all that great either.. Still it was cool to see the spec operators training.

GSP could handle them all. no prob.
Looks like a normal Wintex to me... did enough of them to know how to dress... Vermont, Utah, Plattsburgh NY, a few exotic places... I really enjoy long walks in the snow, no capmpfires, and howling winds at the top of a mountain you are getting ready to ski down with everything you own strapped to your body, oh did I mention the Med Kit and extra ammo to throw you off balance? Bleh...

Hey Chief... remember John-Boy's ski briefings? "You all suck, I hope you break your leg if you don't do what I teach you. It's gonna be fun to watch you bust your asses on the f***n moguls with rucks and Ramers..."
I know. Too much snow-sh*t, right? and the clip of the 2 dudes punching each other is mondo weak too.


That's the Delta Force promo video, if you go to 1:39 in the video you can see them doing the same thing (2 dudes punching each other) and they don't look that much better in terms of what they showed hand to hand combat wise.
Better having that video than having only what the Communist Broadcasting Corporation put out as the only legit footage of CSOR. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4p-kaEMWAU

What makes it worse is even the narrator sounds sarcastic in the video link I gave and that's what the Canadian public only had to see of CSOR since 2006.