Cyber Soldier Aiming High


May 22, 2020
Hey Everyone,

I am an active duty 17C aiming for positions within SOCOM. I was the third major wave of new soldiers who went through the 2 phase AIT program after the 17C mos opened up to civilians (before it was 35Q transfer/conversion). Currently, I am applying to a specific unit within JSOC and am looking for other potential challenges. On a personal level, I love being fit and in shape, which allows me to stick out in my extremely nerdy MOS. Other than that, I just felt I had to make an account since I've lurked for a couple years and hope to learn about some great opportunities and people through this site.

Nice to meet you all.
Welcome OP. I like you user name BTW. Did you put in your vetting request?

Thanks everyone!

Sorry for the late reply - no I didn’t put in my vetting request. I’m actually about to attend a selection for a support position in JSOC, so I assume it would be better to wait - I do plan on passing lol. But I’ll let you guys know and put in a vet request upon completion. Can’t believe I’m so close...long road.