Election Predictions

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I’m killing this thread, the OP’s purpose for it is well past its expiration date; with multiple political threads currently in progress, they are becoming too much to monitor. Thanks to the majority who have been keeping it cool; as I’ve said before, I‘m trying to have most ‘moderation’ conversations offline so as not to distract from the online topics.

A number of the posts in this thread probably belong in the Your 2024 Presidential Election Thread thread or the Ukraine - Russia Conflict.

Plus we still have the all encompassing Your 2024 Presidential Election Thread

We also have:
Raid on President Trump's Home
US Infrastructure
How about that Hunter Biden laptop...
The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal
Rep. George Santos (R-NY) Arrested

Give me a few hours this morning and I’ll move some of the on topic posts/replies out of this thread and into the thread they belong in. (I’ll ‘tag’ your profile so you know where you conversation went.).

If I miss one you really care about, send me a PM.

To add…I moved a number of the more ‘foo foo’ threads out of “General” and into “Entertainment” for easier browsing. Entertainment

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