freestyle vs. finning


Sep 25, 2009
Hey everyone,

Im leaving december 8th for basic and I have a gtep for pararescue. My question is as of right now my swimming skills are horrible. I passed the PAST test 2 months ago with a 13.01 swim time and I mostly did sidestroke. I went out and got a swim coach and my freestyle has greatly increased. But my question is what should I be concentrating on mainly between freestyle and finning? As for my fin training Im doing 1500 meters right now with a 1:30minute rest in between each 500 meter. I know that they just lowered the 500 meter from 14 minutes to 11:30minutes so I didnt know what I should mainly be concentrating on cause I have heard you dont do much freestyle work besides the first day of indoc when you take the PAST again! Any information is greatly appreciated!

Thank you
all your evals are fin swims. good initiative on gettin a swim coach if you have the cash. you need to be comfortable in the water, so be show up as well rounded as possible in your strokes. you will be expected to sprint back freestyle after each underwater. make sure you know how to do the egg beater to tread water as well. get used to the past test. the past test should be an easy day to you, if it already isnt. your times look ok.
ok thank you very much! I forgot to mention that Iam doing at least an hour of water confidence evry 3-4days a week! im doing 10 sets of underwaters at a 2:00minute interval and m bobbing in the 12 foot section for 5 minutes at a time with hands and feet tied togther and stted doing ten-ups which are killer. I also do the egg beater water tread for 3 and a half minutes everytime I do my wter confidence! Do you any any other suggest for my water confidence training routine? Any help is greatly apreciated
no man looks like you got an ok routine goin on. practice your mask and snorkel recoveries, get some ropes and practice tying your knots. the biggest thing is to just learn to relax in the water and stay calm when your body is saying "go take a breath asshole". i cant tell you how to do that...thats on you. good luck. if ya got more specific questions let me know.
Im sorry I forgot to mention I was dong mask and snorkels as well but Im not doing them at 25 meters yet and that is what I should work up to correct? I dont mind the water confidence at all I actually like it in a sick way cause I understand thats a means to get the job done so I like it and Im pretty relaxed in the water. Should I start concentrating on my fin swims more? Like working up to 3000 meters in the time limit?
ok thank you for the help i truly appreciate your advice! I will definately p.m. you if I have any more questions